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Web Design Client/Reference List

This is where I will announce and list my most recent web design and development projects. If you've visited this site before and want to know what I have created lately, take a look here first. The most recent projects will be listed first.

For a list of sites that I am involved in outside of Web Rave, please see my Resume.

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The Applicator
rjk_screenshot.gif (4116 bytes) RJK and Associates
Dentmasters_screenshot.gif (5703 bytes) Dentmasters International
verini_screenshot.gif (6802 bytes) Verini, Inc.
Grace_screenshot.gif (5952 bytes) Grace Baptist Church
dbs_screenshot.gif (7022 bytes) DBS Offices
COSTech_screenshot.gif (7919 bytes) COS Tech
Vine_screenshot.gif (4559 bytes) Vine American Party
Ball_screenshot.gif (4190 bytes) Ball-N-Stick
Ancestors_Screenshot.gif (5547 bytes) Family Tree Resource Store
DrJane_screenshot.gif (5257 bytes) Dr. Jane Drew
Homecare_screenshot.gif (5965 bytes) Home-care Medical Services
satisfashio_screenshot.gif (5985 bytes) Satisfashion, Ltd.
tutortime_screenshot.gif (13132 bytes) Marina View Pre-School
Gommci_screenshot.gif (5706 bytes) Meter Maintenance
cmxr_screenshots.gif (5577 bytes) Carksbad Motocross Racing
mission_screenshot.gif (5666 bytes) Mission Tobacco Company
Liberty_screenshot.gif (8224 bytes) Liberty Cabinets
BAM_screenshot.gif (4829 bytes) BAM Skateboards
AZFLOOR_screenshot.gif (5003 bytes) Arizona Flooring
spectrum_screenshot.gif (7583 bytes) Spectrum Media Group
nutone_screenshot.GIF (6907 bytes) NuTone - TriCounty Consultants
superstition_screenshot.gif (4588 bytes) Superstition Realty
metal_finishing_screenshot.gif (7679 bytes) Antique Metal
Lynam_screenshot.gif (6237 bytes) Rack Rail
Podiatry_screenshot.gif (6250 bytes) Bruce D. Levine
Sandy_screenshots.gif (11277 bytes) Sandy McDonald
Finplaza_screenshots.gif (5639 bytes) Gordon Management Services
Lenair_screenshot.gif (5079 bytes) Lenair Aviation
Limo_screenshot.gif (6469 bytes) Lake Forest Limousine
Gabriels_screenshot.gif (3287 bytes) Gabriel's Designer Boutique
softech_screenshots.gif (3553 bytes) SofTech Nationwide Personnel
Bauer_screenshot.gif (8169 bytes) Bauer Capital Management
Nozzle_screenshots.gif (5800 bytes) Mr. Nozzle
Golf_screenshot.gif (4991 bytes) Discount Golf of Huntington Beach
Escape_screenshot.gif (5711 bytes) Escape for All Seasons
Netpage_screenshot.gif (5429 bytes) NetPage
Genopro_screenshot.gif (4035 bytes) Genopro
service1_screenshot.gif (4982 bytes) Service One



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